Over the years, Paraffin Media have designed and built websites for many clients, both private individuals and small businesses. We are not a big business empire with fancy offices and huge overheads, therefore we can keep our prices low and make you, the customer, very happy indeed. We pride ourselves on the feedback from our clients, all of which has been highly positive.

Whether it’s a simple one-page site to an in-depth multi-page format, we can handle anything and everything in between. A lot of companies are now keen to establish their business online, with sites such as ‘Yelp!’ and ‘TripAdvisor’ becoming increasingly popular, it is imperative that businesses have an online voice in which to respond to comments or criticisms in a professional manner. This is where we can help; we can help you establish your business online and claim rightful ownership of your online presence before one of your rivals does so.

Not only can we assist with designing and building a website for your business, we can also help you establish a brand identity for up and coming businesses.


Looking for a rebrand? Not a problem. Recently we redesigned and built an existing transport company’s website and launched it online in time for the forthcoming tourist season. Bookings for the business increased due to the rebranding and the company was able to employ another full-time driver position within the company.


We researched several local companies who offer start-up business websites and we were quite shocked at the prices they were (and in some cases, still are) charging. They try and hook you in with basic costs, but don’t tell you about the hidden charges for additional items (which, incidentally, we provide inclusively in the price we quote you to start with). Others, offer ‘proof-reading’ and ‘copy-writing’ – but when you take a closer look at their own website, you’ll notice multiple spelling and grammatical errors. So when you ask us to build you a website, you will be surprised at how cheap it can be! We charge minimally because we are a small business with no expensive offices and overheads to deal with. Plus, we love designing, so with us, it’s personal! We don’t roll out carbon-copy sites with very minimal changes, we want the customer to be happy both when they pay and in the future. Which is why we provide free support for the first year, to ensure that our customer is happy with their website and to smooth out any unexpected issues.


A well-maintained website, which looks nice and is current, will bring you business. This is a proven fact (plus if your website is current, then search engines will index it more often and place you higher up the rankings). Customers are more likely to spend their money with businesses who genuinely care about their clients. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and see how we can get your business presence online!